About The Organisation

To the founders of 4R Recycling, the act of recycling is beyond just the literal meaning. To them recycling is "mining above the ground".

Recycling to them means:

  • to keep hazardous waste away from dumping grounds, which adds to the scare of ill health.
  • To keep ground water unpolluted.
  • Help avoid air pollution due to "informal" recycling agencies.
  • Conserving energy by recycling instead of mining for metals underground.
  • Journey from product to raw material.
  • Journey towards a greener and healthier universe

The team has always been in the social sector, working very hard for themselves and for the organisations that they represented. At the back of the mind of a true leader, is the nagging thought of leading an initiative, a cause that will stand out in the crowd. After many years in the Corporate world, creating worthy-of-mention milestones, the core team cashed on the idea of Recycling. Yes, Recycling has been a talk of the times in the recent days. But, here is an organisation that is bent upon putting their thoughts and words into actions. When the team saw opportunities of entrepreneurship in this field, they accepted the challenge with open arms.

They studied, researched, discussed with known and trusted colleagues, friends, academicians and peers. Considering India is moving towards growth in leaps and bounds, there ought to be that much waste lying around. Imagining a country with such large potential to grow and very few organisations catering to clearing up the mess was un-thought of. Waste management is an extremely serious topic to think and discuss. March 2012 saw 4R Recycling emerge as an organization that would not only carrying on the already existing business of Recycling, but also add value to the E-Waste that is collected. It is unbelievable to visualize the size of E-Waste that is getting generated. As the world gets more technology savvy and as it gets smaller, all thanks to the World Wide Web, it is said that the telecommunications department is going to experience a huge increase in sales. More the sales, more the wastage. Various metals were being used to keep up to the demand of the world. More the metal usage, the lesser there is for the future. The world is moving towards scarcity of natural resources and there are no new metals found that could replace the existing ones.

Keeping such things in mind, 4R Recycling continued its research and study. They figured out and believed that the organization had some definite goals. One of them was to re-use end-of-life electronics. They also believe that their recycling activities, in a "formal", environmentally safe, government approved setup will help curb our E-Waste.4R Recycling is moving ahead in terms of research and development to find new technologies that will increase the recovery of metals. They firmly advocate the adage - Energy saved is Energy earned.

4R Recycling is standing way ahead in the business of recycling. What sets them apart? The core team proudly announced that the organisation will propose to invest on research and development on a continuous basis. 4R Recycling needs to set a different record - make recycling as a sevice. Deploy a transparent process between the dealer and the recycler. They would surely invest more on recovery facilities and more importantly, recovery of precious metals. There will be absolute transparency and traceability to figure out where and how the E-Waste is being reused.

4R Recycling aims to keep our environment safe and healthy, for us today and for generations to come.

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