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As a responsible corporate citizen, we are sure that you would appreciate the value of responsible recycling. Whenever you do a refresh of your IT assets, shift offices, scrap electronic equipment including test and measuring (T&M) equipment, think of us.
Call us! We will come over to your facility, inspect and provide you with an estimate, which will be quite competitive.
Send us a note, if you are holding a closed tender/e-auction. We would certainly participate.

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We have currently enabled pick-up locations in whole of Karnataka (all districts), Kerala (all districts), Tamilnadu (Chennai, Puducherry, Salem, Coimbatore, Erode, Krishnagiri, Hosur), Maharashtra (Mumbai, Pune), Rajasthan (Jaipur). We continue to add locations. If your location is not listed, please send a mail to directly. We will be happy to engage with you.

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